No service this Sunday, July 2nd! Go spend time with your family and friends for the holiday. See you next week at our regular time and place!

Vision & Purpose

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Purpose

To reach people with the life-giving message of Jesus, to help people GET FREE and STAY FREE and that they will become fully devoted followers of His Word.

A word from our pastor

I see Accelerate as a place where people are EQUIPPED by spiritual and practical training, programs, organization and vision.  A place where they are EMPOWERED by the grace of the Holy Spirit and given opportunities to serve in a healthy environment of encouragement, development, and excellence. Finally, a place where they can become ESTABLISHED in the things of God and fulfill their great destinies which will be beacons of God’s love and grace!

The Vision

We help people to:
  • Know God
  • Find Freedom
  • Discover Purpose
  • Make a Difference
This 4 Part vision forms the foundation for Accelerate Church, so we want to be a place where people can truly connect with both the general and individual purposes God has for them.

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