No service this Sunday, July 2nd! Go spend time with your family and friends for the holiday. See you next week at our regular time and place!


Pastors & Staff

Lester Guest

Lead Pastor 

Anyone who knows Lester has been touched by his humble heart, fun-loving humor, and gentle demeanor. He has had many rich experiences in ministry, including pioneering a church in Haiti that is still thriving to this day. He has preached overseas, served as the director of World Outreach of Toledo, served as associate pastor at several churches, and also served previously as the lead pastor and pioneer of a church here in Michigan.

Many things at Accelerate are organized better and growing because of the work Lester does and the abilities he brings. He also has a strong desire to help people get free and stay free from anything that would hinder them from being successful in life, as evidenced by his creatively visual messages, his passionate spirit, and his deep connection with the Lord.

Tamara Guest

Executive Lead

Tamara can be described as "a person who sees you, and a person who cares." She is Pastor Lester's wife. What does Tamara do at Accelerate Church, you ask? Well, frankly, a lot! Like her husband, she has the foresight and ability to get programs up and running in an efficient, organized way and because she has a lot of love for people, they are developed and grow as leaders. She serves as the director of Guest Central, she helps counsel believers, and she serves among a variety of other teams and departments within the church.