Accelerate Church is a life-giving church.  We have a set of core beliefs that drive our purpose and vision.

Our Vision is to:

  • Be an end time church where many people of all races, ethnic groups, cultural positions or religious backgrounds can come together to worship one Lord, with one faith, in one Spirit.
  • Teach and proclaim the kingdom of God throughout our region and earth, and then the end shall come.
  • Declare the Eden Blessing that has come upon all that call upon the name of the Lord.
  • Plant the Word of God in the hearts of all men, women and children.
  • Connect with other churches and ministries to establish God’s Kingdom – Where Love is King!
  • Prepare for the abundant harvest of souls to come into the kingdom in this end time.
  • Have a sustained voice in our region which will establish kingdom principles.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe everyone wants:

  • What God offers
  • To reach others for Jesus
  • To be generous and joyful
  • To make the things of God a priority

These beliefs form the foundation for Accelerate Church, so we want to be a place where people can truly connect with both the general and individual purposes God has for them.

Our purpose is to be a place where people are EQUIPPED by spiritual and practical training, programs, organization and vision.  A place where they are EMPOWERED by the grace of the Holy Spirit and given opportunities to serve in a healthy environment of encouragement, development, and excellence. Finally, a place where they can become ESTABLISHED in the things of God and fulfill their great destinies which will be beacons of God’s love and grace! EQUIP. EMPOWER. ESTABLISH.