Lester Guest

Lead Pastor

Anyone who knows Lester has been touched by his humble heart, fun-loving humor, and gentle demeanor. He has had many rich experiences in ministry, including pioneering a church in Haiti that is still thriving to this day. He has preached overseas, served as the director of World Outreach of Toledo, served as associate pastor at several churches, and also served previously as the lead pastor and pioneer of a church here in Michigan.

Many things at Accelerate are organized better and growing because of the work Lester does and the abilities he brings. He also has a strong desire to help people grow and be free from anything that would hinder them from being successful in life, as evidenced by his creatively visual messages, his passionate spirit, and his deep connection with the Lord.

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Tamara Guest

Guest Central Director

Tamara can be described as "a person who sees you, and a person who cares." She is Pastor Lester's wife. What does Tamara do at Accelerate Church, you ask? Well, frankly, a lot! Like her husband, she has the foresight and ability to get programs up and running in an efficient, organized way and because she has a lot of love for people, they are developed and grow as leaders. She serves as the director of Guest Central, she helps counsel believers, and she serves among a variety of other teams and departments within the church.

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Matt Mager

Technical Director

From worship to audio to computers to lights, Matt has a hand in a lot of things at Accelerate. Matt is extremely passionate and driven, but also very laid back and flexible. Most worship experiences, he can be found on stage pouring his heart and soul out to God through his guitar during worship. Whether you need help moving to a new house, serving in the community, or fixing the door in the children's department, Matt is always willing to lend a hand and further God's Kingdom in anyway possible; big or small. His ultimate passion is to see people come to know God and experience Him for themselves in a deep intimate way. Alongside his wife, Dayna, they lead the Creative Team, bringing a cohesive branding and visual appeal to the church, all in an effort to pursue excellence and give their best for our Creator.

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Dayna Mager

Connections Director

Though small in stature, if you’re at Accelerate for any length of time, you’re pretty much guaranteed to meet or connect with Dayna in some way. As an avid lover of people, Dayna’s mission in life is to make all feel welcome, and help connect them to the light she found in Christ. As the Connections Director with her Husband, Matt, they help connect people within the church to each other and to their community, all while helping them develop on their own and find their purpose in life. Dayna thrives on the creativity of connections, and also helps lead the Creative Team, to bring visual ascetic with excellence, from the moment you walk in the doors. Her energetic personality (and their adorable daughter, Luella, and new son, Chase) are sure to make a lasting impression, as you discover you’re part of one big happy family, here at Accelerate Church.

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